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Welcome to our computer lab website.  From this page you will be able to link to sites we will use in the computer lab.  Click on your grade level to find sites just for you.




  1st Grade                                               3rd Grade                

2nd Grade                                         4th grade               


                                                          AR/STAR (available only at school)

AR Quiz listing from ARBookFinder

Elementary Library Web Catalog       Middle School Library Web Catalog             










 Whiteside Learning Garden Blog         5th grade



Here are some fun sites for your to check out when you finish your task

                  BrainPop                              Spelling City

                 BrainPopJr                            Arcademics

                  Fact Monster                        Library link

                  Primary Games                                                                                          

                   Flash Games                                                                                             




                   Cool Math 4 Kids                                                                 

                   Whiteside puzzles                                                                                     

                   Dav Pilkey                                    

                  Mr. Picassohead                      

                   Birmingham Museum                                                                                 




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